Monday, April 18, 2011

Dino City

So here's my first project of Spring 2011! A mock poster for the Museum of Natural History, for their opening of their new dinosaur collection. The idea was based on the tagline that it took 65 million years to relocate the dinosaurs into their new home.

I wanted to give it some comic relief and decided to create a couple of tourist dinosaurs who are lost in the big city and stand out, not only because they are dinosaurs but because of their clothing. I really liked giving them personality!

Best Wishes -Ed

Friday, April 8, 2011


Hello again - This is my official resume. I will continue re-posting it as information in it changes through time. Please feel free to contact me by email, phone or mail if you have any questions, want some more information (as in cover letters, artist statement, postcards and business cards) or have any job/internship inquiries. To view a close-up version of my resume just click on the image. Thank you so much for taking an interest in my work!

Best Wishes - Ed

Key Frames

These are interior illustrations from my book "The Four Crowns". Created with Digital Watercolors.

Best Wishes - Ed

Drowning Graduate

This mock New Yorker cover was made during the time I was stressing out about graduating, which is a date that is now, closer than ever. I think it's sort of a universal feeling with most undergraduates, since when we finally get out of college, we need to not only confront the "real world", but we also have to remember the incredible amount of debt we have collected over the past couple of years. This project was very therapeutic for me and helped me loose plenty of my stress and fear.

Created and collaged digitally. I collaged dollar bills into the water.

Best Wishes - Ed

Jaguar Poster

This poster is a mock, for what I would do for National Geographic's "Big Cats Initiative". It was done with Digital Watercolors. Since I am from Costa Rica I wanted to portray a Jaguar, now that I have a closer relationship with this big cat than any other in the world. Moreover, this is the first poster of a series I wish to complete with the other four endangered big cats of the world, following the same format, but with slight differences in each.

Best Wishes - Ed

Apple Re-post


I am reposting this project along with how it looks as a DVD Cover that served for the SCAD Senior Film "Paradise Lost" (2009). In the cover I faded the top of the tree to further emphasize the fact that the tree is dying and disappearing, as the snake below is taking a hold of this once, beautiful land.

Best Wishes - Ed

After the Storm New Yorker Cover

Here is how my illustration below looks as a mock "The New Yorker" Cover.

Best Wishes - Ed