Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bus Wrap

This assignment was tedious, long, incredibly exhausting, it took many long hours, but through all that, I am actually very happy and proud of how it turned out. The criteria for the project was to create a bus wrap to promote the SCAD Illustration department. What I ultimately decided to do was to use the word Illustration as part of the image. So I made a detailed and colorful background to integrate the text in and then made 5 characters to represent the 5 campuses of SCAD. Dolphin for Atlanta, a dragon for Hong Kong, a French Poodle for Lacoste, a seagull for Savannah and a robot for eLearning. I have posted the artwork by itself and on a template of the bus. Hope you like it.

Best Wishes - Ed -

Monday, May 9, 2011



This assignment was for my Watercolor class, which I have been deeply enjoying and learning a lot from. We had to do a poster of a play or musical and I picked the play "Carousel". I wanted to play with the idea of duality, of good and evil in the same person and how even though we try to hide one side to the best of our abilities that side always surfaces at one point or another. I added rubber cement for texture, although I think I might have gotten a little bit too slap-happy with it and didn't realize until the paint was on the paper, but I do like how turned out. I am very proud of this assignment. Hope you will too!

Best Wishes - Ed -

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Buttons, the Owl - Tissue Box Illustrations

So for this project we had to create 5 separate illustrations that will be placed on 5 sides of a wooden tissue box. The concept for the assignment was anything we wanted, as long as it related to the use of tissues. I created a character - Buttons, the Owl and placed him in 4 separate situations and seasons and for the top of the box I created 4 buttons with different colors to represent the different seasons. I really enjoyed this project, making Buttons was a of fun.

The first one is Spring. The mouse is giving Buttons a tissue to clean the chocolate on his mouth.
Then is Summer, where Buttons is selling lemonade and using the tissues on the fan to keep cool. Followed by Fall, where the owl is sick with a cold and the monster under his bed is trying to give him a tissue to get better, only that this scares Buttons more. And the last one, is Winter, where he is taking care of his snowman with a runny icicle nose.

Best Wishes - Ed -