Sunday, May 1, 2011

Buttons, the Owl - Tissue Box Illustrations

So for this project we had to create 5 separate illustrations that will be placed on 5 sides of a wooden tissue box. The concept for the assignment was anything we wanted, as long as it related to the use of tissues. I created a character - Buttons, the Owl and placed him in 4 separate situations and seasons and for the top of the box I created 4 buttons with different colors to represent the different seasons. I really enjoyed this project, making Buttons was a of fun.

The first one is Spring. The mouse is giving Buttons a tissue to clean the chocolate on his mouth.
Then is Summer, where Buttons is selling lemonade and using the tissues on the fan to keep cool. Followed by Fall, where the owl is sick with a cold and the monster under his bed is trying to give him a tissue to get better, only that this scares Buttons more. And the last one, is Winter, where he is taking care of his snowman with a runny icicle nose.

Best Wishes - Ed -

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