Thursday, October 13, 2011

Page Design

First up - The Day the Sky Fell Again. I created this illustration for a mock Newspaper Feature Page. The article was about a new theory that suggested that a meteor shower, similar to the one which occurred during the age of the dinosaurs, repeated itself during the Ice Age and was partly responsible for these animals' extinction.

It was created in Photoshop, using Watercolor Brushes. Below the illustration you can see how it would look in the feature page, which I also designed.

I took the original article and designed the page layout so that it looked like an article worth reading. I wanted it to complement the illustration and vice versa. All the choices made during the creation of this piece were based on that basic idea.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bus Wrap

This assignment was tedious, long, incredibly exhausting, it took many long hours, but through all that, I am actually very happy and proud of how it turned out. The criteria for the project was to create a bus wrap to promote the SCAD Illustration department. What I ultimately decided to do was to use the word Illustration as part of the image. So I made a detailed and colorful background to integrate the text in and then made 5 characters to represent the 5 campuses of SCAD. Dolphin for Atlanta, a dragon for Hong Kong, a French Poodle for Lacoste, a seagull for Savannah and a robot for eLearning. I have posted the artwork by itself and on a template of the bus. Hope you like it.

Best Wishes - Ed -

Monday, May 9, 2011



This assignment was for my Watercolor class, which I have been deeply enjoying and learning a lot from. We had to do a poster of a play or musical and I picked the play "Carousel". I wanted to play with the idea of duality, of good and evil in the same person and how even though we try to hide one side to the best of our abilities that side always surfaces at one point or another. I added rubber cement for texture, although I think I might have gotten a little bit too slap-happy with it and didn't realize until the paint was on the paper, but I do like how turned out. I am very proud of this assignment. Hope you will too!

Best Wishes - Ed -

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Buttons, the Owl - Tissue Box Illustrations

So for this project we had to create 5 separate illustrations that will be placed on 5 sides of a wooden tissue box. The concept for the assignment was anything we wanted, as long as it related to the use of tissues. I created a character - Buttons, the Owl and placed him in 4 separate situations and seasons and for the top of the box I created 4 buttons with different colors to represent the different seasons. I really enjoyed this project, making Buttons was a of fun.

The first one is Spring. The mouse is giving Buttons a tissue to clean the chocolate on his mouth.
Then is Summer, where Buttons is selling lemonade and using the tissues on the fan to keep cool. Followed by Fall, where the owl is sick with a cold and the monster under his bed is trying to give him a tissue to get better, only that this scares Buttons more. And the last one, is Winter, where he is taking care of his snowman with a runny icicle nose.

Best Wishes - Ed -

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dino City

So here's my first project of Spring 2011! A mock poster for the Museum of Natural History, for their opening of their new dinosaur collection. The idea was based on the tagline that it took 65 million years to relocate the dinosaurs into their new home.

I wanted to give it some comic relief and decided to create a couple of tourist dinosaurs who are lost in the big city and stand out, not only because they are dinosaurs but because of their clothing. I really liked giving them personality!

Best Wishes -Ed

Friday, April 8, 2011


Hello again - This is my official resume. I will continue re-posting it as information in it changes through time. Please feel free to contact me by email, phone or mail if you have any questions, want some more information (as in cover letters, artist statement, postcards and business cards) or have any job/internship inquiries. To view a close-up version of my resume just click on the image. Thank you so much for taking an interest in my work!

Best Wishes - Ed

Key Frames

These are interior illustrations from my book "The Four Crowns". Created with Digital Watercolors.

Best Wishes - Ed

Drowning Graduate

This mock New Yorker cover was made during the time I was stressing out about graduating, which is a date that is now, closer than ever. I think it's sort of a universal feeling with most undergraduates, since when we finally get out of college, we need to not only confront the "real world", but we also have to remember the incredible amount of debt we have collected over the past couple of years. This project was very therapeutic for me and helped me loose plenty of my stress and fear.

Created and collaged digitally. I collaged dollar bills into the water.

Best Wishes - Ed

Jaguar Poster

This poster is a mock, for what I would do for National Geographic's "Big Cats Initiative". It was done with Digital Watercolors. Since I am from Costa Rica I wanted to portray a Jaguar, now that I have a closer relationship with this big cat than any other in the world. Moreover, this is the first poster of a series I wish to complete with the other four endangered big cats of the world, following the same format, but with slight differences in each.

Best Wishes - Ed

Apple Re-post


I am reposting this project along with how it looks as a DVD Cover that served for the SCAD Senior Film "Paradise Lost" (2009). In the cover I faded the top of the tree to further emphasize the fact that the tree is dying and disappearing, as the snake below is taking a hold of this once, beautiful land.

Best Wishes - Ed

After the Storm New Yorker Cover

Here is how my illustration below looks as a mock "The New Yorker" Cover.

Best Wishes - Ed

Saturday, March 26, 2011

After the Storm

This was my first try with the digital watercolor brushes. To say that this was my saving angel would be an understatement. I was really struggling with my work, until I gave the digital watercolor brushes a shot with this project and ever since then, I have been working with them and getting better with each project and that makes me very happy.

Best Wishes - Ed -

Chocolate Mousse

"Snow Wren & the Seven S'mores" was the name I gave to an imaginary ice cream I made up for Type & Image class as part of my package design assignment. This was my second attempt with the digital watercolor brushes.

Below is the mock up of the package design with the top and the side stripe.

Best Wishes - Ed-

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Apple's Temptation

Hello again!

This piece was made as a DVD Cover for a SCAD Film called "Paradise Lost". It was one of the first projects were I got thorough art direction and was a great experience. I went over my pencil lines with ink this time and scanned the image and the rest was made with my digital watercolor brushes. Can you spot the viper's face? I made sure to keep only the face of the snake and the apple bright and saturated so as to make them the focal points of this illustration.

Best Wishes - Ed -

The Four Crowns (TT)

This is the cover for the book I had to create this last Winter Quarter 2011 for Book Illustration class. It is based off the Grimm Brothers' "The Four Musicians of Bremen" my favorite fairytale. I decided to keep the iconic look of the original story with the animals standing on top of each other, but with some comic relief as they are all struggling to keep their posses, which allowed me to give the viewer a quick glimpse into the personalities of each character.

Digital Watercolors

Best Wishes - Ed -

Shakira Type Portrait

I have to admit, I  was pretty scared of this assignment when I first got it, but when I finally sat down to work on it I had a blast! I definitely want to make more of these soon and fix her nose, which still looks a bit odd to me.

Best Wishes - Ed - 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trio Turtle Island Map

I did this piece for my Materials & Techniques 2 class. It was very tedious, but ultimately quite fun. I used watercolors, rubber cement, aging varnish, cracking varnish, gel medium, ink and acrylic paint. The map represents the area of one of the stories I've written called 4 Pearls: Secret of the Black Sun, which I'm still working on.

This book is the sequel to the already finished and in the publication process 4 Pearls: Magic in the Bell. The first book revolves around 3 brothers Milk, Limbo & Coco (a calf, dalmatian and rooster respectively) that possess a magic bell and stumble upon a bag with magic vegetables, which ultimately help them save their home, but when the veggies are captured they decided to venture into the unknown to save them.

Flying Sheep (TT)

This illustration was made for an assignment that required the creation of an original Bomber Jacket Logo. I decided to take inspiration from the Flying Tigers, an actual US Air Force group that defended China from Japan during World War 2. My thought process behind this illustration was to create something that didn't look menacing and give it power of its own.

Therefore I came up with the idea that instead of having a wolf in sheep's clothing, have a sheep, wearing a wolf, signifying the underdog's victory and ultimate power. This is one of my favorite pieces, I had a lot of fun during the entire process.

Once again, I used Digital Watercolors for this as well.

The second image showcases how the illustration would look in t-shirts.

Best Wishes - Ed -

Twelve Tales

The Twelve Tales is the name I am giving to the current 12 pieces of artwork in my portfolio. I would keep it simple and just say that directly, but I am a writer and coming up with these names is a hobby of mine and it's just fun for me to do so. All the pieces with the acronym (TT) will belong to this group.

First up - The Day the Sky Fell Again. I created this illustration for a mock Newspaper Feature Page. The article was about a new theory that suggested that a meteor shower, similar to the one which occurred during the age of the dinosaurs, repeated itself during the Ice Age and was partly responsible for these animals' extinction.

It was created in Photoshop, using Watercolor Brushes. Below the illustration you can see how it would look in the feature page, which I also designed.

Best Wishes - Ed -

First Post!

Hello world!

This is the first post of my blog and I am very excited, because it means a whole new adventure has just started in my life. With the help of this blog and my upcoming website I will be able to showcase my work, both illustrations and stories I work on along the way.

I hope you enjoy my work and please feel free to ask any questions, and give any advice, because I am an open book.

Best Wishes,