Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Twelve Tales

The Twelve Tales is the name I am giving to the current 12 pieces of artwork in my portfolio. I would keep it simple and just say that directly, but I am a writer and coming up with these names is a hobby of mine and it's just fun for me to do so. All the pieces with the acronym (TT) will belong to this group.

First up - The Day the Sky Fell Again. I created this illustration for a mock Newspaper Feature Page. The article was about a new theory that suggested that a meteor shower, similar to the one which occurred during the age of the dinosaurs, repeated itself during the Ice Age and was partly responsible for these animals' extinction.

It was created in Photoshop, using Watercolor Brushes. Below the illustration you can see how it would look in the feature page, which I also designed.

Best Wishes - Ed -

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