Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trio Turtle Island Map

I did this piece for my Materials & Techniques 2 class. It was very tedious, but ultimately quite fun. I used watercolors, rubber cement, aging varnish, cracking varnish, gel medium, ink and acrylic paint. The map represents the area of one of the stories I've written called 4 Pearls: Secret of the Black Sun, which I'm still working on.

This book is the sequel to the already finished and in the publication process 4 Pearls: Magic in the Bell. The first book revolves around 3 brothers Milk, Limbo & Coco (a calf, dalmatian and rooster respectively) that possess a magic bell and stumble upon a bag with magic vegetables, which ultimately help them save their home, but when the veggies are captured they decided to venture into the unknown to save them.

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