Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bus Wrap

This assignment was tedious, long, incredibly exhausting, it took many long hours, but through all that, I am actually very happy and proud of how it turned out. The criteria for the project was to create a bus wrap to promote the SCAD Illustration department. What I ultimately decided to do was to use the word Illustration as part of the image. So I made a detailed and colorful background to integrate the text in and then made 5 characters to represent the 5 campuses of SCAD. Dolphin for Atlanta, a dragon for Hong Kong, a French Poodle for Lacoste, a seagull for Savannah and a robot for eLearning. I have posted the artwork by itself and on a template of the bus. Hope you like it.

Best Wishes - Ed -

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  1. Looks Great! keep up the good work, you are improving.